Thursday, April 10, 2014

Win the Darwinian Race Using Lean Software Development

Software application development has turned into a highly competitive Darwinian race.  To survive and thrive, software companies need to set themselves up to very efficiently get feedback in a tight loop to know how to best adapt to the ever changing landscape.  Lean software development is the best way to do this.  Listen to this episode to better understand Lean Software Development and why your team should consider applying it if you are not already.

 Listen now: (download)

Reference: The Lean Mindset (Tom and Mary Poppendieck)


  1. I have just been listening to a few of the recent episodes. I started with the Mayan Computer - very interesting and well presented - and then listened to the first Lean Software Development episode. I may be a convert!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Michael. Hope you do keep listening.

    Regarding the Mayan episode, we were worried nobody would take that episode seriously since we released it around April 1st.