Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How To Become A Software Architect

Do you know someone that aspires to be a software architect?  Maybe it is you?  Perhaps you are a programmer or software engineer and are looking for a path to follow toward advancement, new challenges, and higher income?  If so, google no farther, this *is* the podcast episode you are looking for. Becoming a software architect is the answer, and in this episode Bett and Russ tell you how to become one in five easy steps.

Listen now: (download)

Summary of steps:
1. Put in your time learning the ropes and then do architect stuff before you get the title
2. Become a leader
3. Be curios and satisfy that curiosity 
4. Have the correct MINDSET 
5. Be BOLD, do whatever it takes

Bett's diagram of how to become an architect (actually, it is how to get better at anything)

Bett's book: You Can Become a Software Architect
SATURN Conference:


  1. I agree with the five step approach and have been practicing myself 1 3 and 5. Steps 2 and 4 are bit challenging and are the ones I need to focus. That said, it also depends on the organization and at times you may have to change your job if the management doesn't really care for architecture?

  2. Elixir, Great question on 2 and 4. Let me break it down.
    For 2, I recommend volunteer work. Most not-for-profit organizations need volunteers and you can often find a leadership position in them pretty quickly. Try your local Toastmasters club, IEEE, ACM, or other local IT organization.
    For 4, I recommend that each night you ask yourself what steps you took that day to make yourself closer to being an architect, then plan what steps you will take the next day. Focus on the positive.