Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ten Technology Predictions for 2014

Want to know what's on the technology horizon in 2014 so you can amaze your friends and colleagues?

Well, you came to the right podcast--Bett and Russ have ten predictions that, even if they don't come true, will make you sound smart when you repeat them.  We've even thrown in a few bonus predictions.

It will of course be interesting to look back and see what actually occurs--after all, that is the fun of making predictions.  Few predictions can be guaranteed, but we are confident in predicting: if you listen to this podcast, you won't regret it.

Listen now: (download)

Bett's predictions:
1. Owning our bodies, minds--0wnz0red by Cory Doctorow
2. Context sensitive help--smart things will communicate and the result will be telling us what we need to know when we need to know it.
3. Voice control--talking to our devices will become more ubiquitous
4. Google glasses--heads up displaces- augmented reality will become normal and desired
5. Total loss of privacy--the result of all these items together is loss of our old fashion idea of privacy

(Plus bonus predictions only in the audio)

Russ' predictions:
1. Shared context through the internet will begin the trend toward human communities acting more like hives.
2. Personal agents start playing an active role in our daily lives--IBM Watson-like personal agents that help us on a personal level by answering question leveraging all that private, context-sensitive data that's being collected.
3. Bigger push toward peer-to-peer technology as fallout from snooping by governments and as a result of technical evolution (easier to build peer-to-peer in the cloud).
4. Marketing will finally start putting ads in front of us for things we actually want to purchase.
5. On the tails of the iPhone releasing with biometric access control, biometrics will finally be adopted as the default access method.

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