Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ten Most Valuable Lessons Learned in 2013

With the year coming to a close, have you stopped to reflect on the most valuable lessons you learned this year?
What could be more important? After all, the most significant difference between the "You" that started the year and the "You" that is finishing it is what you have learned.  With that in mind, listen as Bett and Russ reflect on the 10 most valuable lessons they learned this year.  

Bett's lessons learned:
  1. Lean in (Sheryl Sandberg) 
  2. Moist robot maintenance 
  3. Customer focus 
  4. Power of strategic thinking 
  5. Power of Mentoring
Russ' lessons learned:
  1. Brain bugs--like those mentioned in Thinking Fast and Slow (Anchoring, etc) 
  2. That people can be calibrated to do better estimation. 
  3. Better understanding of lean processes 
  4. Client-side web technologies--e.g. AngularJS 
  5. Value of doing 4D outlines when preparing a presentation
Listen now: (download)

Bett mentioned this course on Strategic Thinking:

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