Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Software Architecture Metrics with Ipek Ozkaya

Many organizations have been investing in the automated collection of code quality metrics, especially to help monitor for technical debt, but code quality metrics by themselves may not be enough to help stay out of debt, instead, a focus on architecture and relating metrics, measurement and analysis towards architectural concerns may also be necessary.   
Architectural metrics, what are those you say?  Well, in this episode, Bett and Russ interview Ipek Ozkaya of the Software Engineering Institute on this topic, covering such questions as: Why assess architecture with metrics? And how are software architecture metrics different from other software quality metrics?

We also discuss the upcoming SATURN 2014 conference which is being held in Portland, Oregon, May 5-9th.

Listen now: (download)

Using Scenario-Based Architecture Analysis to Inform Code Quality Measures by Robert Nord
A related conference Ipek is involved with: First International Workshop on Software Architecture Metrics

Books Ipek Recommended:
How Google Tests Software James A. Whittaker (Author), Jason Arbon (Author), Jeff Carollo (Author)
How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business by Douglas W. Hubbard

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