Sunday, March 2, 2014

Practical Design with Vera Polyakova

Are the empowered individuals in your organization collaborating effectively, avoiding dead ends, and quickly working through differences of opinions? Are the right people being pulled in early enough in the process? If not, how do you get these creative people to avoid wasteful rework and drive quickly toward solutions that leverage the input of the many technical experts available?

Having thought deeply about challenging issues like these, Vera proposes Practical Design as a remedy. What does Vera mean by Practical Design? Listen to this episode to find out.

Listen now: (download)

About Vera: Vera Polyakova’s passion is helping others create meaningful lives, products, and organizations. Vera is a speaker, coach, and creator of the MiiR Model©. She works for a Tampa-based startup company where she utilizes her unique background and skills to design usable and engaging software products.  Her background is in Industrial-Organizational psychology and she has a strong interest in leadership development and coaching.

Vera spoke with us about the MiiR Model in a prior episode.


Video Vera mentioned from Nerdery:
Video on Production Centered Design (requires registration)

Article Russ mentioned with a flaming button design:
Should Tech Designers Go With Their Guts — Or the Data?

The "Making of the Incredibles" is on the 2-Disc DVD for The Incredibles (2004), released in 2005.  Bits of it are available on the internet (search for "making of the incredibles").  Most of the Pixar/Disney animated movies include a similar "making of" story that reflect the creative process.

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