Saturday, February 22, 2014

Behavior Driven Development with Steve Greenfield

User stories are great input to the development process, short and sweet, something a business analyst can use to connect to the developers. Now, wouldn't it be valuable if those user stories came to life--that is, if they could be executed in way that validates that the code actually supports the user's requirements?  And wouldn't it be even neater if they could be run automatically as part of your automated build process to do automated acceptance testing?  Behavior Driven Development gives you these results and promises much more.

In this episode, Steve Greenfield of Catalina Marketing speaks quite passionately about BDD and reports on the benefits his team has realized by applying BDD at Catalina.

Listen now: (download)

BDD references provided by Steve:
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ISBN 9781617290084

BDD in Action Behavior-Driven Development for the whole software lifecycle
John Ferguson Smart
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Softbound print: July 2014 (est.) | 400 pages
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BDD website:

Various Experts on BDD:
1. @gojkoadzic Gojko Adzic
2. @lunivore Liz Keogh
3. @PapaChrisMatts Chris Matts
4. @tastapod Dan North

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