Friday, August 30, 2013

Overview of GIS with Semiha Caliskan

Like most people, you probably rely daily on GPS, but have you stopped to think that GPS alone (longitude and latitude) is normally not directly helpful?  Instead, typically this location data is fed into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) where it can contextually provide the incredibly useful information we rely on. In this episode, Semiha Caliskan (or, Semi, as she likes to be called), joins Bett and Russ to provide an overview of how GIS systems work and provide value, at a high level.  Listening will provide you with a better appreciation for how GIS works and the breadth of applications.

Semi is a senior GIS specialist at the University of South Florida College of Public Health.  She has worked on GIS systems for NASA, Oklahoma University, and ESRI.

Books Semi recommended:
Geocoding Health Data

YouTube video Semi mentioned: Geo-spatial Revolution (by Penn State Public Broadcasting)

Listen now: (download)

Bett's reading recommendation:
Beautiful Evidence

Russ' reading recommendation:
40 Maps that Explain the World

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