Sunday, September 7, 2014

How Watson Will Impact Your Future with Jerome Pesenti

After defeating mankind at Jeopardy, Watson is displaying humility and mercy by taking on a new role: assisting humans with research and finding smarter answers, for example, helping treat brain cancer.  In this episode we discuss Watson and how it will impact your future with, Jerome Pesenti, VP of Watson Core Technology.

IBM continues to make a huge bet on cognitive computing through Watson, and is extending this bet into the cloud, making Watson available to a much wider audience in the form of Watson-as-a-Service,  Is there a place for it in your architecture?  After all, having some level of machine learning and intelligence may quickly become a base requirement for enterprise applications.  Listen to learn more...

Listen now: (download)

Books that were mentioned:
Permutation City
Diamond Age
Everything is Obvious: How Common Sense Fails Us

Watson Ecosystem
How Watson Changed IBM
Build with Watson
Watson Q&A at IBM's Developer Works (interesting to peruse)

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