Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taming the Cloud with The Sheriff of DevOps: Len Bass

Because it is currently such an exciting part of computing to be involved in, this week's guest, Len Bass, sees DevOps as the current Wild West frontier of software.  Len's been venturing far out on this frontier: actively teaching about DevOps, writing a book about DevOps, and architecting DevOps related tools. As such, we think he deserves the title, the Sheriff of DevOps.

In this episode the sheriff joins Bett and Russ to talk about the DevOps related project he's heading at NICTA, Australia's main information technology agency.  The project is called Dependable Cloud Operations, and it is an attempt to tame cloud operations. Listen to learn more about this effort.

 Listen now: (download)

The project web site for Dependable Cloud Operations
Len's evolving book on DevOps for Architects: http://www.ssrg.nicta.com.au/projects/devops_book/

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