Thursday, July 17, 2014

Apple's Next Big "Thing" with William Meisel

Everyone expects Apple's next big thing to be a smart watch, right?  Well, apparently not everyone, William Meisel, PhD, joins Bett and Russ to explain how Apple's next big thing isn't a "thing", but rather it is already announced: it is cross-device user-interface consistency with a deeper dependency on voice recognition--using Siri as a primary means to interact consistently with a phone, tablet, Mac, and eventually an iWatch.

We also touch on the tightening connection between humans and computers which voice recognition is bringing about--this subject is covered more deeply in William's book: The Software Society.

William has very deep experience in voice recognition technology.  He spent many years in academia and then founded a venture-capital-backed speech recognition company and ran it for ten years. He has been issued six patents in various areas of technology.  Currently, William is an industry analyst and publishes an industry newsletter, Speech Strategy News, on commercial developments in speech technology and natural language interpretation.

 Listen now: (download)

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