Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Software Patents with Guest Cynthia Gilbert

Software professionals as a group tend to be inventive, and often wonder if that latest idea is worth patenting.  With that in mind, we present this episode in which we discuss software patents with an expert, Cynthia Gilbert.

Cynthia is a software architect turned patent attorney.  Over the last decade, she shifted her focus to computer related patents and intellectual property strategy for companies--from technology start-ups to established public companies.

The discussion in this episode covers many questions you likely have, for example: can you do it yourself? What does it cost?  What is expected from the inventor when working with an attorney?  We also touch on non-assertion pledges and the on-going patent wars.  Listen and then decide if that latest ideas is worth patenting.

This episode was recorded just before the recent announcement that the Supreme Court will revisit software patents by hearing the appeal of Alice Corp V. CLS.

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