Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Effective Presentation of Data and Information (Part I of 2)

Clearly a big part of a software architect's job involves presenting information to help explain or drive decision making.  How good are you at it?  How much have you thought about alternative approaches beyond simply summarizing your information in PowerPoint bullets?

This is part one of two episodes where Bett and Russ discuss presenting data and information, and in so doing help you reflect on alternatives that should make you more effective at presenting data and information. The content is largely based on what Bett learned when she recently attended Edward Tufte's course on this topic.

Listen now: (download)

NOTE: You can find part 2 here.

Items mentioned:

Graphic depicting Napolean's Russian Campaign

Edward Tufte's books are available here

Viz-o-matic YouTube video Bett mentioned

The Feynman-Tufte Principle Scientific American article Russ mentioned

Link to fake peer reviewed cancer study Russ mentioned

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