Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mock Architecture Discussion

Bett and Russ hold a mock architecture discussion related to a fictitious order and billing system. How does this fictitious discussion compare to the real architecture meetings at your company?

The fictitious scenario the episode is based around:
A new product is being created. It will need to be both ordered and billed. Two new systems will be developed to meet this new product’s needs.  To make this discussion narrow enough to fit into a podcast episode, only this portion of the requirements are discussed.

• New customers need a unique number to identify them (CustomerID).
• Orders need to have the customer’s CustomerID attached to them to ensure the billing is correct.
• 1 to n orders may be entered.
• A customer should never have more than one CustomerID.
• 12% of orders are cancelled.
• A new customer must be able to get a customer ID within 10 seconds.
• A previous customer’s ID must be retrieved within 10 seconds.

Listen now: (download)

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