Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Software Architecture as a Risk and Cost Management Discipline with Eltjo Poort

What can be gained by viewing software architecture as a risk and cost management discipline?

In this episode, Bett and Russ discuss this question with Eltjo Poort.  Eltjo outlines how RCDA: Architecting as a Risk and Cost Management Discipline helps architects improve their decision making and better align decisions with the business stakeholder needs, ultimately yielding greater agility.

Listen now: (download)

RCDA: Architecting as a Risk- and Cost Management Discipline by Eltjo R. Poort and Hans van Vliet

Lean and Mean Architecting with RCDA -- Eltjo's SATURN 2013 slides

Eltjo's latest article, which he alluded to near the end of the recording:
Architecture can be agile, too

Enough Process - Let’s do Practices by Ivar Jacobson, Ian Spence and PanWei Ng

What do we do next? Or: What colour is your backlog? by Philippe Kruchten

Ipek Ozkaya was mentioned in relation to technical debt, also.  Related slide deck:

Reading recommendations:

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Just Enough Software Architecture by George Fairbanks

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