Friday, December 7, 2012

Gain Agility by Applying Lessons from Theatre -- Episode 2 -- 05 Dec 2012

Russ and Bett discuss how IT development teams can keep up with the rapid pace of change by leveraging lessons learned from other paradigms--in this case, from theatre.  Much of the inspiration for this particular podcast came from the book Artful Making, but clearly Bett, as an improv actor and IT architect, has drawn her own conclusions about how improvisational comedy can also provide useful lessons.

The Artful Making authors' web site:

A relevant blog post explaining the rules of improv comedy and how they can be applied by agile software teams:

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The book Russ recommended: The Uside of Turbulence by Donald Sull (Chapter 8 is the most relevant)
Author's web site:
A good review:

How Software Companies Die -by Orson Scott Card

Link to the upcoming Developing Cloud Services Symposium in Tampa that Bett mentioned in episode 1:

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